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    1. More bandit thugs and less raiders in early one skull missions on Expert, Bandit Marksmen not being so absurdly talented given their background and lack of time and breathing space to perfect ranged skills.

    2. Remove the event when you have a lot of money, or provide more and varied ways of dealing with the demands.

    3. Remove any random way of getting permanent injuries (especially “Old”) and any event where your choice allows you to gain a permanent injury (as opposed to injuries like “Old” that are unavoidable when they happen) make it a lot less likely that that will happen. In fact, I would prefer it if permanent injuries can’t be gained from events, but if there are choices that have this risk, make it rare that it will actually happen.

    4. a) Restrict the number of completely bad starting merc traits to one (that is traits with no positive side). Either that or have one totally positive trait and one mixed/completely bad starting trait for all starting mercs.

    4. b) Possible: remove some negative or mixed traits as possibility for certain backgrounds (for example, a swordmaster should probably not be Clumsy). Maybe the expert backgrounds that are actually elite physical professions (such as Hedge Knight, Swordmaster, Sellsword etc.) have the traits that specifically relate to poor physical condition (like Asthmatic, Clubfooted, Clumsy, Fragile and possibly but not necessarily Fat) be excluded from the possible starting traits. These expert professions would still be able to start with traits that relate to impaired mental abilities or negative ways of looking at the world (such as negative Resolve abilities, morale issues, Pessimist and Superstitious).

    5. Bigger size for merc band.

    6. Easy mode for those who find the lowest current difficulty too challenging.

    7. A better skill set for fishermen, at least comparable to farmhands.

    8. In events, ways of removing greedy, gluttonous or disloyal over a long period of time being treated well.

    9. A lot better rewards for three skull missions, or a toning down of the difficulty of these missions so that they are worth what the client pays.

    Avatar photoSteven Aus

    This is an idea I really like which I also posted on Steam:

    I’d really love it if billhooks could target friendly (your own mercs) or allied (non-hostile) units as well as enemies it there is one hex between your billhook unit and them. Of course it would not trigger any attacks of opportunity, and when pulling a friendly or allied unit it would always work.

    Currently, the pull option for billhooks is almost never used because you almost never want an enemy unit next to you when you can hit from 2 hexes instead. Whereas Repel for Pikes is currently much more useful because you tend to want to get enemies away from your Pikemen since they don’t have the benefit of a shield or as heavy armor.

    Avatar photoSteven Aus

    I would change the first part of 4.a) above to have a maximum of one negative/mixed trait.

    Devs, what do you think of these suggestions?


    so… you want the game to get completely easy….

    Avatar photoSteven Aus

    No, I enjoy the challenge (I normally play on Expert Ironman, and my best is Day 40). I’m not quite sure what you are referring to here. If you are referring to an option for a really easy mode, that’s not essential but it may help people who find the lowest difficulty too hard (there are some of them who still like the game otherwise).


    What you asking for may lead to a super easy game though..

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