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    I did not noticed things like that until the last update.
    My men found a Full Leather Cap in direwolves belongings. 8 pelts and this. I am pretty sure none of them went wearing it in battle. Poor Red Hood?
    In the very next battle with 10 orc youngs there was a Flat Top Helmet in the loot. Nice one, but what did they use it for? It is ok when it was a pot for cooking but what if they using it as a piss-pot? How am I supposed to wear it?

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    By the way, i have allies in both battles, a militia in first and a supply train with orcs. And they have losses. So it can be their items. But i think it never happens before.

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    Yeah. My company just faced 4 direwolves and we got this as loot:

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    It would make more sense if we get their pelts only, not the items they probably got from farmers or other victims on the road.

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    Packed direwolves.

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    Heh, that slipped by us. Direwolves do indeed loot their victims, like bandits do, when obviously this shouldn’t be the case. Will be fixed with the next update.

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    Avatar photoAsterix_von_TWC

    Hold hold on! Dire wolves devvouuur their victims, flat top hat, bread (if well packaged), all types of things can be retrieved whole from their guts! Please keep this bug :D

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