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    1. Describe the bug and how it happened: What did you do before and while it appeared?
    I was swapping the angle during a battle by pressing Ctrl during the move of an enemy.
    The progress of the game stopped while the camera zoomed in to the old location again.
    I assume that the camera is trying to move to the same location in relation of the whole map, not taking into account that the person which is trying to zoom towards to is now in a different place.
    Therefore, there might be an issue with the game now waiting for the camera to zoom in onto the character before it continues – but since the camera already zoomed back in (only to the wrong, old position) it will not adjust again.
    So the game is stuck waiting for itself during the turn of the enemy.
    You can still move the cursor, but not the camera. The menu is also accessible, so the game does not crash.

    2. Is it reproducable? Can you intentionally make it appear?
    Totally. Just press Ctrl during the move of an enemy, and the game will get stuck if the character is now off the screen.
    However, it only happens if the camera option “Always Focus AI Movement” is turned off.
    If it is turned on, the camera will properly re-adjust itself and the game moves on.
    This even works if you turn the option on while the camera is stuck, and then swap the angle by pressing Ctrl again.
    The camera will re-adjust after the swap to the character.

    3. Attach a screenshot if possible.

    4. Attach your dx.diag. This file includes information on your hard- and software configuration.

    5. Attach the Battle Brothers “log.html” file.
    Not allowed to attach, due to security reasons.

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    Good find, thanks! It’s an oversight by me which I’ll fix for the next update.

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