Topic: Stuck on 1 character's skills during other character's turns

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    I am sorry I do not have a screen or log.html of this, but it’s worth mentioning just for your records. What happened was a stunned characters turn was coming up, followed by a crossbowman’s. The stunned character automatically skipped his turn and the crossbowman’s skills and portrait came up. But when I tried to use his skills I noticed it was not actually his turn. The actual active character bobbing up and down was the next character in the queue, call him Harkon. Checking character screen showed that it was Harkon’s gear and profile. But on the battle screen it showed crossbowman’s picture enlarged and only allowed skill number 1. Using skill #1 (which has a crossbow shot icon) still allowed Harkon to attack. This continued for each character down the line until finally cycling back to Crossbowman’s actual turn where the bug self corrected.

    Will try to reproduce it somehow against Orcs and being stunned.

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    Okay I was able to reproduce it. As you can see Hanke is “acting now” while Einar is stunned and has his portrait and skills in the available active slot.
    char bug

    Sent you the log.html due to file size being too large to attach here.

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    I noticed that this bug occurs with very high probability when someone dies of bleeding

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    Please report issues only for the current version of the game. The one you’re using is outdated. Thanks.

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