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    I realize that this game isnt attempting (yet?) to be super deep with RPG elements, but non the less i have to ask (and i would hate myself if i didnt) that you consider expanding it a little.

    One of my favorite elements of playing a RPG game is the ability to customize my characters (or avatars). In BB there is no create characters options, so from the very start the level of custimization is somewhat limit. And then there is the fact that level progress feels a bit slow (last two days i played maybe 6 hours each day and ive only reached level 6-8 both times, which is rather slow).

    What i would love to see is faster leveling, more levels, more different types of leveling or overall just more ability to improve my characters.

    I mean look at it like this. It takes 3 or 4 levels to improve ranged combat by +10. And then you get that stupid event which gives your character the “drunkard” trait and thats -10 ranged combat and -5 melee combat. Youve just debilitated my character and made me waste 3 or 4 hours worth of leveling right there. Feels like a painful loss and if i were a lesser man id be tempted to constantly reload saves to avoid this event.

    Personally what i would love to see is several parallel aspects in which we can improve our characters:

    Characteristics: the usual RPG stuff, strength, dexterity etc
    Combat skills: obvious
    Personal skills: haggling, crafting, forging, leadership, etc
    Party skills: things that improve or give the entire party some ability – tracking – increases vision range; tactics – allows you to organize your bros before the battle; something that increases movement speeds in different terrain types and so on.
    Renown level: more contracts you fulfill, more monsters you slain, more famous you become, opening some new doors for you. Higher renown, means better equipment, better contracts and so on.

    But honestly i would be happy even if you just refined the current system a little bit, sometimes it feels like im spending hours of gameplay just to get some very minor improvement (+2 melee combat ability is so meh).

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    Well, this is Battle Brothers, not Mount & Blade, it is pointless to change the pace, the stats, to implement strenght, dexterity and other RPG attributes, it would change the game entirely.
    The only thing I agree with you here is the need for a Character Customisation, that would be really awesome and with Paul’s art it would add en extra layer of variation, since we don’t see many char creation with that kind of art.

    Avatar photoDanubian

    The only reason why i ask for more stats variety is because it would allow for more character specialization (or in other words more ways to get a maximum out of certain character you wish to perform a certain role).

    The quicker pace and fast character cuztomization is imho one of the best things about Mount & Blade. No reason not to consult it for inspiration.

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