Topic: [suggestion] Integration of shop stash and roster stash

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    Currently the stash when in the roster view and the stash when in the shop view have different widths. This causes the arrangement of the equipment in both types of stash to greatly differ. It happened to me on multiple occasions that I sold an item I did not wanted to sell simply because it’s location in the shop stash was different from the roster stash. I thought I had safely tucked it away near the bottom of the stash, only to find out it was somewhere alse completely, generally after I sold the item…

    I would greatly appreciate it if the width of the roster stash, the shop stash and concurrently the loot stash would be thesame so these kind of things do not happen anymore.

    That said, it’s still an awesome game, can’t wait till you add the stuff you talk about in de devblog, especially the new map and attached locations.

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