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    I realize that the map is undergoing an overhaul but this is something i wish to say just in case.

    In current form the way map works is not very good. The biggest problem is that there are too few settlements and too much roads in between.

    So once i have completed all my interactions within a city, i have no other options but to move on to another city. And sometimes that means more than 5 minutes of meaningless traveling via roads between settlements.

    What you should do is increase the number of settlements, maybe even organize them into factions like in Mount & Blade and them wage war on each other or something. Whats also missing on the map are smaller settlements, places with local economy, taverns, that sort of stuff. Anything that would break the monotony of walking down the roads, anything to interact with.

    Avatar photoRap

    The new worldmap has quite a bit more varied settlements of various sizes. We’ll talk about factions soon.

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    Avatar photoDanubian

    Good to hear.

    I can only hope that in the future you plan to tie many more functions to settlements. Economy (sub settlements trading and interacting with a regional capital, farms contributing food, mines contributing resources for smithies etc), politics, groups to fight etc.

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