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    One thing that really annoys me are the missions.

    1.) They dont seem to take any context into consideration, apart from the fact that the capital city(? i mean the one you start in) seems to have these “unique” missions that ask you to search for place X and report back for like 400 gold.

    2.) Another problem is that there are only 3 mission slots and most of the time at least 2 of them are mission asking you to take someone from place A to place B. Another example of missions not taking context into account. Im a level 6 12 brothers unit, im not going to take someone to another city for 190 gold. Thats just a waste of time for me. I want a ~1400 gold “destroy [location X] mission”, and if i cant find that, i just go to another city and search there (a big waste of time).

    3.) Missions dont refresh in a timely manner. It wouldnt be so annoying if i could take missions, cancel them, and then get new mission offers, but alas thats not possible. I dont know if they work via passage of time (if there is an available mission slot, add random mission after X amount of hours) or whatever, but it seems like they only refresh once i have moved on to another part of the map. Horrible design truly needs to be changed asap. In fact why dont you simply add a mission board which is essentially a big list of missions that you can take in that settlement? And simply let the player choose them base on their preference (kill location X or take someone somewhere). And possibly add some context scaling mechanic to make sure that a level 10 party doesnt get 2 out 3 missions that reward you with 190 gold, cuz thats just stupid.

    4.) Missions should have some threat level indicator to avoid them being a noob trap. If a mission has a scripted encounter which requires roughly 12 people lvl 6 company, then this mission should have a dead red skull indicating that a starting company of 3 people has 0 chance of completing it.

    5.) There should be some special early missions specially scripted for a beginner, when people first play your game, if they havent played games like Mount & Blade before, they will be completely lost without any clue what to do.

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    As previously announced, the contract system will be completely redone as part of our worldmap rework. We consider the currenct contract mechanics to be placeholders, something to give you a rough idea on where we want to go with Battle Brothers, and to give the players something to do with our initial Early Access release.

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    Avatar photoDanubian

    Naturally, this is just constructive criticism from probably more than 40 hours of gameplay. Just giving you some ideas how they could work in the future.

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