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    Right now forest battles are extremely annoying. Specially when you fight equally powerful enemies and you can end up losing multiple people simply because of a stupid terrain configuration that ends turning this battle into a one sided slaughter. For this reason i simply refuse to fight in forests, unless i really have to. Chasing after goblins in forest is just not fun. Fighting in forests during the night is annoying.

    Personally i would prefer if battlefields remained mostly cleared and had maybe 30 or 40% of the battlefield cluttered with stuff. Yesterday i was running around with 4 archers, and in a forest battle 2 of them had a completely blocked out firing range.

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    We’re considering different ways of improving the experience of playing on densely packed combat maps, like forests. There have been a lot of good suggestions by you guys regarding this, it’s just that we’ll focus on the worldmap rework first, then overhaul the combat tiles, and then see what actions need to be taken. That said, the fact that ranged weapons perform worse in forests and similar environments providing lots of cover is working as intended, and I dare say authentic.

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    Avatar photoDanubian

    About archers in forests sure, and thats why im pretty sure there are all those “to-hit penalties” that get listed when you aim. Im talking about having a dense trees pack blocking off completely a certain part of the map, preventing me shooting at all unless i move sometimes for 2 turns (and if you have 4 archers, having to move 3 for 3 turns is quite debilitating and giving a melee team on the other side a game changing advantage).

    But im sure youll figure something out.

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