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    Hi there,

    I’m a first time poster. First, I’d like to say that I’m really enjoying Battle Brothers. I have played about 25 hours or so and the game is fun.

    My suggestion is twofold.

    1. Mercenary Statistics – The addition of a statistics sheet for your mercenaries that indicate total damage done on average, total kills, damage taken etc. The statistics on the sheet would be cumulative and you could view the meta stats of each merc in your squad.

    2. Memorial of the Dead – One of the most compelling features of Battle Brothers is the attachment that grows for your veterans. So, in honor of the fallen, if a mercenary is killed or dismissed his basic kill stat and day of death are added to a memorial screen that can be accessed by the player as part of the Mercenary Statistics screen.

    There are a ton of ways to approach features like this, so I’m curious if this kind of feature has been discussed by the Overhype team? I feel like it would help continue to build a sense of attachment to the mercenaries as they grow within your ranks.

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    for your second point, I shortly quote the FAQ

    Will there be a graveyard / memorial wall / hall of fame for my fallen Battle Brothers?


    So, basically, they already plan a memoriam wall/hall of fame,etc.

    Avatar photoWargasm

    – Attacks / Hits
    – Completion %
    – Completion % versus Shield Wall
    – Completion % with Height/Terrain Disadvantage
    – Hits to Head / Attacks per Head-Hit
    – Average Hit-Point Damage per Attack
    – Average Armour Damage per Attack

    – Times Attacked / Times Hit
    – Times Hit on Head / Attacks per Head-Hit
    – % of Total Attacks Evaded
    – % of Attacks Evaded without Shield
    – % of Attacks Evaded with Height/Terrain Disadvantage or when Overwhelmed
    – Average Hit-Point Damage when Hit
    – Average Armour Damage when Hit

    – Enemy Shields Smashed
    – Own Shields Smashed
    – Knock-Back Attempts / Knock-Backs
    – Knock-Back %
    – Knock-Backs Received / Times Knocked Back
    – Knocked Back %
    – Shield Walls Formed

    – Enemies Killed
    – Attacks per Kill
    – Skills Used per Kill
    – Turns per Kill

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