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    Hello fellow Battle Brothers!
    In the Steam Forum there is a flood of great suggestions. I tried to collect some of them. What do you think?
    [Schopenhauer terror mode on o.O]
    newer suggestions/additions are on the low end of its category
    – Sector System: Many different Sectors, controlled by the different Factions
    – recruit experienced fighter (quite expansive)
    – consider having a (big) mostly not random map as an option
    – having an mercenary captain you could create at the start of the game. One of the founding members [andig]. Maybe like in JA2 with IMP? Could have some special starting skill [ExpendableGrunt]
    – take part in tournaments, individual and team based [andig]. (non lethal ones) Sieges at some point?
    – different kinds of ammunition with different effects [andig].
    – Cavalry could be really interesting and maybe not even hard to implement. Basically can move further, ability to assault, not usable in swamps… A knight could come with one, otherwise really expansive, needs a lot of supply and as a second limiting factor: every two horses need an stable boy in the support train (who’s absolute amount would be limited)
    – other threads mentioned Religion, Church as an active party/quest giver in the world
    – A map might be helpful at some point in the development if
    1) the maps are getting much bigger
    2) or a system with sectors (conquer/defend…) is going to come
    The map could be visible while being in town/looking at contracts (to help with the decision) [Arkelis]
    – different kinds of payment (not only money)
    – after successfullydefending the invasion/finishing the main quest, possibility to move on to another kingdom/map [Dragonovith]
    – Brothers need more Personality. Together with Level and Background Icon close to the name in combat there should be more in ways that distinguishes them. I’m thinking about a small random chance every level up for some new perk/quirk (could come with a small text that explains it). At a certain point/level the development of a character should reflect itself in a new background, based on the original one (like multiple additional/new backgrounds varying per each background). That way they grow from some shallow mercenary into a personality. Losing them would be even more dramatic, at the same time the level up gets a lot more interesting
    Lets have an example, Background bagger:
    At level 3 first addition to his background, level 7 the second addition, describing his development, giving him modified stats, new quirks, maybe even skills
    – an option to turn on/off: damage to armor and health is displayed as rising numbers in the combat (Think that can really help with understanding every action in combat)
    – Scrolling edge of Screen: UI at the top is in the way (combat and Worldmap)
    – in combat: the basic attack as the normal activity while hovering the mouse over an enemy
    – lowering the amount of clicks needed for many actions (inventory … context menu better then combinations), fight as well
    – left click in inventory should pick the item up (as we are used to it)
    – right now its not so easy to spot who is acting right now (especially enemy turn)
    – maybe alternative position for combat log – left top feels to far of. Need to read what’s happening
    – more Information about items (Weapons: estimated AP cost…)
    – sort stash option in the shop (own inventory), maybe even the option to see the inventory of a battle brother instead of the general inventory (better for actual shopping – comparing)
    – better keys for wait and end turn (options.. mouse button 4+5?)
    – better stackable ammunition
    – show damage amount even if item is destroyed or opponent killed
    – remember opened combat log
    – Show footprints on the worldmap for you’re band of brothers
    – auto follow mode for caravans
    – while hovering over the caravan you are to protect, there could be a radius (the one you should not leave)
    – for better recognizability in combat and after combat (when dead): have the icon of the background and the level visible (close to the name) – helps getting a feeling for you’re guys. Name and name changes alone doesn’t cut it
    – while hovering over the contractors there should be a short indication about the nature of the contract. With time you don’t want to read big texts for standard contracts – a short summary in the text might be useful
    – skills: offense, not so clear which ones are working for bows/crossbows
    – a toggle to display hex grid in combat [ExpendableGrunt]. Maybe even a terrain reduced version. Could make it easier to figure out positioning especially in forest regions
    – more advanced/detailed combat log [Mr. Nekator]
    – more detailed character screen. Background stories [Mr. Nekator], statistics
    – caravans are very rarely getting attacked
    – Fatigue, health and weapon to strong/to important?
    PLANNED (keep in mind, there is no guarantee these will ever make it in the game):
    – Inventory: Compare Item with the one you have equipped right now
    – deploy your men in some formation of your choice [lucmobz]
    – enemy mercenary companies roaming the world
    – camping mechanic
    – non combat camp follower
    – icon of trading caravan disappearing and not returning (only name is visible)
    – double payment for caravans

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    Things I’d appreciate:
    – Robber barons. Not just bandits as human bad guys, but also better equipped robber barons with their knights.
    – More area specific enemies, right now I’ve got Orcs pillaging north and south, hard to rush accross the map to support both fronts. Would like it more if each area had its own invaders.
    – More ethnic variety in battle brother names, not only Germans, but also French, Flemish, English, Celtic, Slavic, etc all that was present in medieval Europe.
    – More variety in weaponry, even more variations of same weapon (bilhook/glaive/voulge/halberd), more shields, more armour types or just visuals of same sort of armour, more types of arrows (cutting, piercing), throwing axes.
    – Ability to spend money to boost village defence. Like if you can hire a battle brother for 100, you could also spend 1000 to equip 10 vilage millitias, or 2000 to make them 10 well equipped and experienced militias. You can’t be at all parts of the map at once, but you could strategically place militias to keep enemies in check.
    – Building quick barricades. A few sherpened stakes in the ground by each battle brother could block one direction of attack towards him (out of 6), several of them could build a bit of a barrier to channel enemies into a “kill zone”. The barrier could also be destroyable.
    – A kill counter for each brother. How many and what type of units has he killed since in your company.
    – Selecting a brother to represent your company on the worldmap icon.
    – Ability to pay or convince AI controlled group to go on a mission with you, such as castle patrols going to help you clear out a particularly difficult lair.
    – Ability to issue some general orders to AI controlled allies. Can be limited to “Hold position” and “Chaaaaaarge!”, but it’s well annoying that eager underdressed militia keep charging ahead at a mass of orcs when you’re trying to hold a stable line…
    – More interaction in towns. Designate one building on pic as “Tavern” where one can gather rumours about locations, so not all have to be found by physically getting close which takes tons of wasted time, while meanwhile villages are getting raided.

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    I don’t know if this has been suggested yet, but I’d like to see an expanded “Mercenary Company” aspect in the game. Where once you get enough reputation or reknown, along with gold, assets, etc. You can create a base in a town or castle and have NPCs sign up to your company and have NPC mercanary patrols that are loyal to your company.

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    Hey guys thanks for collecting these. With the growing number of threads here in the forum and on steam as well it gets really hard to keep track of all the (good) suggestions you guys make!

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    Avatar photoTrig

    Some more suggestions:


    Don’t know how enemy camp spawning functions currently, but it seems once they infest an area, they’re very hard to get rid of.
    I’ve been in a war with bandits recently, A village was surrounded with some 5 or 6 “Deadly” or “Invincible” bandit camps, 4 or 5 scout parties always buzzing around the village. I am now so strong the scouts run away from me and when I approach the camp they release 1 or 2 “Strong” parties to come and meet me. I dispatch them, then the camp itself, making sure I stab the camp boss with scramasaxses, to get some nice armour.

    However, all the cleaning I am doing doesn’t seem to help the village much, because I still have to go there and back to sell loot and buy tools to mend my equipment and after the village too quickly runs out of tools I have to travel further to buy more and by the time I come back the bandit infestation is again in full swing and no caravans get through to the village, because they’re so weak even a scout party wipes them out.

    So, how about a simple mechanic, that each enemycamp only fights for themselves? Rival orc clans would fight each other, rival necromancers would fight each other too, and rival bandits would definitely have turf gang wars, as they do, heck even wolf packs have territorial wars, so werewolves would as well…

    This way, you’d not get two “Strong” orc raiding parties assault a village at once (which is nearly impossible to beat) and enemies would keep themselves in check a bit, so rival gangs would not cooperate in ambushes and raids. First they have to win their own turf war, then take care of own business.


    Caravans should have more and better guards and the donkey should be harder to kill. I’ve never yet been able to save a caravan when it is attacked, because I always spawn far away from it and they’re all dead by the time I get there.

    Also, enemy scouts (puny and weak) shouldn’t be able to defeat a caravan. If it is the only lifeblood of a village, it would not be travelling with only two noobs armed with pocket knives, but with proper escort. Scouts should scout it out, and an ambushing party at least “Average” in strength should be sent to intercept it. If you manage to take out the scouts, the enemy doesn’t learn of the caravan and doesn’t sent the ambushers. I think that should be the point of scouting and anti-scout patrols.

    Enemy camps also shouldn’t spawn nearer than 6 hexes from any road or village, so that they can’t see the caravan directly from the camp (as then, security forces would also see the camp from the road and organise a raid against it). I’ve often seen camps just 2 or 3 hexes from the road, wiping out anything that came by.

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    1. Adding that to our discussion list, sounds reasonable.

    2. Taking notes on the caravan protection.

    Regarding the spawn locations. Strongholds are supposed to spawn attack parties themselves to defeat enemy spawns. Maybe we have to work on this mechanic.

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