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    I’ve noticed on steam and in various other forums that many new players don’t realise some of the backgrounds have interesting penalties/bonuses to various stats.

    Indeed, some people think the only difference between backgrounds is equipment. They don’t realise you’re also paying for “quality”.

    This is a shame, as they’re missing out on some of the interesting depth and variety in the game.

    I remember that the game used to have the direct attribute modifiers for various backgrounds, but this was removed to preserve some mystery.

    Perhaps some balance between he two approaches could be struck by noting after the background description (in green/red again, or some other contrasting colour) which attributes that background provides bonuses/penalties in, without giving specific numbers? This will help more players appreciate the depth and choices the game provides.

    Hope this is helpful, appreciate it may be under consideration already.

    Avatar photoRap

    Thanks for the feedback. It’s been removed also because there isn’t just a flat bonus/malus to attributes anymore, but a range for each attribute specific to each background now. We’ll think about your suggestion.

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    Avatar photoHarlath

    Thanks for the thoughtful response! Important to strike a balance and appreciate the move to ranges makes things harder.

    Even a vague comment about “Characters with this background are more likely to have high x, y and z attributes, but low q attributes” or similar might help people appreciate the depth more.

    Will hopefully chip in more ideas after the next big patch: good luck putting it together and compliments to the team on such a fine game: it’s a game with real depth and flavour thanks to the mechanics and art style.

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