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    I love the game, but at the same time there are some aspects of the game i dont quite enjoy.

    For example, IMO, there seem to be too few weapons types.

    1.) One of the reasons why there are too few weapon types is because there is just 1 basic quality of each weapon. In Mount & Blade they have these quality modifiers for each weapon, so, lets say, a basic pike that has 10 damage, can depending on its quality have a “rusty” version with 6 damage or a “strong” version with 14 damage. Naturally the weapon price would also depend on this quite a bit.

    2.) Some weapon types really have too few actual different weapons. Lets take bows for example. Ive played through the game a couple of times all the way til like level 8 or 10. I have so far only managed to find 2 types of bow. And thats basically not enough by any standard. There are other weapon types with very few weapons. Just compare the number of armors (a wonderful variety!) to the number of weapons.

    Bows: only short bow and hunting bow. TERRIBLY lacking more bow types (longbow, composite bow, im sure there are dozens of other types of bow that could be added).
    Swords 1h: only 4 types of sword. This is criminal. Sword is basically an archetype weapon when it comes to medieval times.
    Blunt Weapons 1h: only 3 types… (probably the most commonly used weapons since the dawn of humanity)
    Spears 1h: only 2 types… (probably the most commonly used weapons since the dawn of humanity)
    Axes 1h: only 2 types…(probably the most commonly used weapons since the dawn of humanity)

    We desperately need more different weapons of each category. They would bring variety to the game, reduce the repetitiveness and make the game overall way much more fun.

    3.) I would strongly recommend splitting all weapons into 3 categories:

    a.) non-military grade
    b.) military grade
    c.) faction specific?

    a.) Non military grade weapons would be weapons that dont require a super skilled specialist to make. You can take your average farming tools, rework them a little, or not at all, and use them as weapons. A club doesnt need super skilled craftsman to make, its just a heavy piece of wood. In every human village youll find farming tools that can cut (sickles, cleavers, chopping tools) or run people through (knives, pike-like tools etc). This is what the player should have access to from the beginning.

    b.) Military grade weapons would be weapons that require highly skilled specialists to make. For example better quality swords require smiths and time to make, you wont find these craftsmen in small villages, because there is not enough work for them there. They should be in military outposts and forts forging high quality weapons for the standing army.

    c.) Faction specific, this is mostly a placeholder as ive seen somewhere that more factions are coming.

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