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    The fun of the turn-based battles, and the promise of the campaign makes me, and others I know, very very anticipating of this game.

    I have the following suggestions, mostly about details from my long experience (with for example what made M&B so loved) that will give this wonderful game that extra kick giving it the credit it deserves.

    Going forward, I was wondering if you will:

    1) Add weapons… playing the fantastic demo, I wanted to see morning stars, flails, differently shaped polearms, scythes, different variants of swords, more assorted helmets etc. – should be an average effort at best, but this game really calls for that type of wonderful detail

    2) Secondly, and related to the first, I would highly recommend the introduction of weapon damage and breaking. This should also go with a scale of weapon quality (cheap — average — exceptional — excellent — master smithed). This should affect breakability, armour penetration, a small damage bonus (or minus) and off course cost. Towns with more resources could have access to better weapons for instance.

    Just two ideas that I feel would really top the cake here.

    Toni (Asterix)

    Avatar photoPsenBattle

    Hi Toni,
    here’s my two cents on the issues you mentioned:

    1) Hell yeah. I want as many weapons as possible in there. Actually most of the weapons you mentioned are already part of our game design, we just didn’t create the assets yet. Two-handed flails, two-handed hammers, throwing axes, pitchforks… you name it :) Along with a wide variety of obscure historical weapons it’ll all get in eventually. It’s really a pity we have to concentrate on the most important things as time is extremely limited at the moment. A nice point of reference for the variety I’d like to have is the Mount and Blade mod 1247AD. On top of these weapons there will be the legendaries of course.

    2) We discussed that internally a few times already and maybe it will come back up again when we think it would be a nice addition :) Right now it’s a bit off the radar.


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    Avatar photoAsterix_von_TWC

    All this sounds excellent!

    Avatar photoRap

    Flails are already in the game, btw, just not in the combat demo :)

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    Excellent! Really looking forward… its fun if there is a great variety and the items feel “unique” ;)

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