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    First off, really amazing game, I just found out about it recently and am a proud owner of the supporter edition. All I have are miscellaneous quality of life additions that have probably been talked about but I was unable to locate via search/figured I’d aggregate together.

    Horses – They’d work similar to the wolves that Goblins ride ie increasing move speed and potentially having other buffs/debuffs. (dodge chance, hit chance, etc) This addition could be as simple as re-skinning the wolves and allowing the equipable ala dogs.(I see this has been addressed in the FAQ, however, might as well show interest in it.)

    Captains – Game starts off with losing the Captain of the band so it’s surprising that there isn’t a position that the player can assign which would allow for unique skills like the NPC leaders. In addition, whoever the assigned Captain is, would be the model visible on the world map.

    Professions – It’d be nice to see tailor/peddler professions effect the trade prices overall or for specific items. Other professions could have band wide positive/negative effects, such as, creating hostility between members. Another idea is bowyers could create arrows/bolts from wood.

    Trade Caravans – From what I understand Overhype has limited desire to create a trade caravan mechanic for the mercs but it would be nice to be able to hold ctrl/alt or whatever to attack neutral trade caravans. With the new noble house endgame scenario coming up, it would be cool to “align” with one of the houses and attack enemy houses caravans.

    Gear – It’d be nice to see epees/sabres. Epee could be a combination of dagger/sword and I could see some of the noble characters starting with epee. The various colored tunics would be nice to see layered underneath breastplates to allow for more variety as well. (Work) Capes/Cloaks, not only do a good portion of people think that they cool but also they could provide unique bonuses, ie cloaks increased dodge chance.

    Banner – Create your own banner function similar to emblem editor creators in other games or simply the ability to upload/copy paste a emblem in the appropriate folder.

    Misc – Band of the Hawk is immediately who I thought of when I seen this game. For those unfamiliar, Band of the Hawk is a mercenary group from the anime/manga Berserk (highly recommended) with Griffith as the leader who had the ambition to be King but was of low birth. It’d be nice to see some sort of homage to Berserk/Griffith. Ex. Griffith’s/Guts’ armor/helmet or other unique armors from the series. Hair styles that resemble the characters would be greatly appreciated as well.

    Fun fact – Band of the Hawk/Griffith may have been partially inspired by real life Italian mercenary – John Hawkwood

    Well that’s all I have right now. Again awesome game, I look forward to any responses that I may get. Looking forward to the full release. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Years.

    Band of the Hawk –

    Griffith’s armor/helmet –

    Guts’ Berserker armor –

    Thanks for reading.

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    Dude this is a low fantasy game, those armors simply look too unreal imo (well the first 2 examples do, the other 2 looks like time appropriate pieces).

    Avatar photoPetereteP

    I can see the Berserker armor being potentially too fantasy, however, both helmets really aren’t that far off from the Fangshire helmet

    Avatar photoIoci

    Griffith’s amour set and epee are kinda renaissance era, and this game is around middle age (before the Fall of Constantinopolis), adding them to the game may be not that lore-friendly than you think.

    about horses, we all want them, but the developers currently are being “mean”, they dont even give a horse for the noble knight.
    about our captain, its a pity, as i said, they are “mean” xD
    about profession/character’s background, for now im quit satisfied with their background-based events

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