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    Hi I just want to start by saying i stumbled onto this game totally outa the blue because i saw it was 20% off deal of the day a couple days ago on steam and ii caught my eye and i also like to support indy games so i felt like giving it a shot well i gotta say battle brothers is one of my favorite games in a long time and i play A LOT of tactics games i would put BB in my top 5 tactics games easily and very high on my all around favorite games as well and it isn’t even finished! Also sorry if my grammar and formatting gives some people headaches.

    Well anyway i’m just going to throw some suggestions out there even though im sure some of these ides have come up before.

    A global scoreboard and company management.

    I read the devs say somewhere that BB will not have multiplayer because that’s just not the kind game BB is meant to be. That makes sense but i would suggest a global scoreboard where players can see each others final scores and compare them. I’m pretty sure i also read that the devs didn’t want the captain to have a character because it would interfere with the point of being a mercenary band not just a single person. While i understand why the devs feel that way i would like to suggest that at the start of the game you get to choose which of your random starting characters is the captain they then get a few slight bonuses to HP and resolve after that point anytime your captain dies a new one is elected based on seniority. You could play with that mechanic by making extra events like if you captain dies defending a town from orcs you could demand a bonus.

    More tracking and movement options on the world map.

    I feel like much of the time spent playing the game so far for me has just been traveling from place to place or stuck in a tail chase against whoever i’m currently hunting and hoping they run into a swamp or something so i can catch them already. For the first problem i would like to suggest that player can rent or book passage on their own caravan now this would be like the current escort missions already in the game you just book passage from a shop in town like you do with the harbors already in the game then you just ride on a donkey cart from one location to the next but not a mission your just getting a donkey taxi basically. Next i would suggest your companies moral effects its movement speed on the world map ( if it doesn’t already). I would also think when you click an enemy on the map your party should track it automatically you shouldn’t need to keep clinking after the guys you are chasing once you lock on it the game should do it itself. I would also like to see some world map movement skills such as forced march when you force your men to march faster at the cost of negative moral and possible events (oh no hodor was to busy marching to see that ditch he fell into and broke his leg!)

    More numbers!

    I would really like to see all the numbers happening during combat displayed better not just damage taken and given i want to see miss percentage crit chance block chance ect i don’t know if its because the game is still in early access or if there is some other reason for the the current message system being so minimal but it would be much better if all that information was more easily available at a glance.

    Anyway i think that’s enough for now hope my writing didn’t trigger anyone to badly

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    Thanks for the input!

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    wow wish i had noticed i was posting in the feedback not the suggestions forum

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    …I would really like to see all the numbers happening during combat displayed better not just damage taken and given i want to see miss percentage crit chance block chance ect …

    i wish it from my second battle in this game(a long long time ago). I hope it will be able. it can be optional.

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