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    Hello mercenaries,
    at first I would like to excuse my maybe bad english. I promise, I will try my best!

    I am not really new to BB and after I played very intensively for several months, I came to the conclusion that some suggestions may be of some interest.
    Please allow me to show you a short list of some things, I would really like to see in this very nice game.

    — Nachzehrers/Ghouls:
    Currently there is no reason, why someone should fight Nachzehrers, except it’s part of a contract, because the loot of some “jagged fangs” is worth nearly nothing and can never compensate the repairs even of lightly damaged weapons or armor, because tools&supplies are expensive.
    My suggestion therefore is a better loot, in dependence of how large the killed Nachzehrers have been.
    Small Nachzehrers (Level 1): Jagged Fangs (the same as currently implemented)
    Bigger Nachzehrers (Level 2): Jagged Fangs (the same as currently implemented, but bigger and therefore worth slightly more gold)
    Nachzehrers (above Level 3): This kind of Nachzehrers have either horns or tusks (or even both), so these horns and tusks should be part of the loot and even more worthy.
    Fighting Nachzehrers would be therefore more profitable and similar to the furs of Direwolves.

    — Perks (or otherwise level ups) not for each character, but also for the whole company:
    To get more inventory space
    To hold more ammunition, tools and supplies and/or medical supplies
    To prevent spoiling of provisions too fast by better storage possibilities
    Better use of tools, so repairs are faster and/or use less tools
    Same for medical supplies.
    Such a level up could be dependend of how many enemies the company has killed so far.

    — Fighting side by side with noble houses’ companies (f.e. “1st Dusterwald company”):
    If NOT part of a contract, fighting side by side with a noble houses’ company against any other enemy could result in a better reputation of this noble house. This could be varied in a very small gain of reputation or a bigger one, dependend how many enemies you have killed in this battle.

    — Skills of the polearm “Bill hook”:
    Currently you can only “strike” or “hook” with this weapon. A “bill hook” has no better skills compared to a “hooked blade”, which seems to me confusing and wrong.
    IMHO the “Bill hook” is a combination out of “Hooked blade” and a “Pike”, so it would be great if the skill “repel” would be added as a third skill. This would have therefore more the character of a halberd and would be an improvement compared to the pike/hooked blade.


    I hope, my suggestions are of some interest and worth to think about it.

    Thank you for reading and thank you very much for this great game.

    Kindly regards

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