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    Sorry, if some of the suggestions already have been made.

    * While true mercenaries accustomed to take care of their own equipment, they cannot restore it to full former glory. Therefore, it’s time for a Smith to shine.
    – Without smith, equipment can be restored only to X% of its durability. Smith increases this “number” as his experience goes up. (Only super-experienced smith, or one in the big city/castle can repair to full 100%)
    – Getting more accustomed to his work, smith will repair equipment quicker.
    – If crafting/re-forging comes, smith will do this job too.

    * “Hey, [censored]! You named this [censored] green goo as a delicious-soup-ever? No way I try this, you, [censored], I‘ll better eat berries and bugs!” — How many times have you heard this complains from your fellow Brothers? When there are more and more hungry bellies, you need someone more… professional, who will feed them all day long – a Cook!
    Cooks main purpose is to cook (seriously!) and he/she will prepare meals from everything edible, even those strangely looking meat you got from orcs today. (Human meat? It is good if it tastes good!)
    – The more experienced cook becomes and more diversity of food you got – more morale bonus for Brothers.
    – Even looking after provision comes with real knowledge (more EXP – more time needed for food to become spoiled).

    * Swamp fever? Deadly curse? A Doctor can cure every illness you got, from small nose bleeding to cut-off fingers, from bad stomach to huge scars across your whole back. Even terrible hangover from yesterday’s party will go away with a click of doctor’s fingers.
    – More experienced doctor will cure lost HP faster.
    – Brothers become more resistant to illness and some poisons (e.g. goblins’ one).

    * Speed – is a good friend for a mercenary. Being on foot in a full armor equipped with a bag full of looted swords and shield you are slower that a lazy snail. So you need some decent horses to travel much more faster and some carts to transport all your honestly earned loot. Here goes a Horsemaster, who will tend to your “way of transportation”.

    All of this characters will require daily pay and portion of food.
    They will get experience for doing their job (e.g. doctor will get EXP for each of “medical supply” being used; horsemaster – for every mile traveled…)
    In the time of dire need you can even rally them for a fight. Be be aware that they will not return to their duty until fully healed and rested.

    Also, minor suggestions:
    – Instead of repainting every and each of armor for merc bands, noble houses etc, – make a slot in inventory for some sort of “tunic”. It will not give any bonuses (or ever “give” small minus to max.fatigue) and will be purely cosmetic. This “tunic” can be recolored to any set of colors and will be worn on top of the armor. This way you will be able to easily distinguish your Brothers in the heat of battle. And maybe even some Criminal Masterminds (aka Bandit Leaders) can wear them to “not look like common thugs”.
    – In Roster screen add tab with name “Tactics”, where you will be able to determine starting position for your Brothers (will apply when you fight “wall-on-wall”). Maybe someone wants to position their archers on each sides, or even in front of melee fighters. Or you even can remove someone heavily injured if you don’t want him to participate in upcoming battle. (or, and some way to drag Brothers in existing roster screen to change their position there; purely cosmetic)

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