Topic: Switch to show brother starting statistics and without equipement

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    It would be really great if there were two switches to turn on/off near brother stats:
    1) show attributes without equipement
    2) show starting attributes of the borther

    Why is this requested?
    1) when comparing brothers often it is necesery to strip them naked to see what fatigue they have
    2) when aquiring new brother it would be nice to see potential of new member compared to those who are already experienced. For example:
    if i laready have, let’s say level 7 brother that is specialised in polearms who has 3 stars in melee attack and just recruited new brother who has 60 starting melee and only 2 stars but he is only level 2 – it would be nice to see and estimate potential for new brother and if it is worth switching.

    Of course i could just screenshot stats of every important brother at the moment of recruitment for this purpose but that is just a hassle…


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