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    Can you please change the impact you have on a noble war? I killed like 2-3 companies for each hostile city, raided dozens of supply caravans, destroyed at least 12 of their buildings, yet they took over two cities (11 hostile vs 9 friendly).

    it seems the player has no impact at if you dont get lucky and get a siege quest. enemies had big cities near small friendlies and thats it.

    no matter what i do, i could camp on one end of the map, they would just take the other.

    players should really either have more impact or could just make a faction hostile and get siege quests from friendlies/allied factions , even outside of a war.

    last but not least, the questing is either crap or broken. after a couple of noble quests in for fighting, even if the state is just “almost over” i dont get anymore quests to fight.

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