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    Ahh Rap & team, you know i long to pay for all sorts of DLC for this wonderful game… Here’s a simple one – Could you add an event hwere tailer offers to unstitch the flag from your Battle standard add reattach it to a better weapon from your stock (e.g pike; polearm; war scythe).




    Oh boy!

    and a feature to change colors on your shields/tabards & helms. Hint, barber, wink…

    and legendary undead and greenie gear. ( <3 scythe, crypt cleaver, bladed pike, bezzie chain & spiked impailer)

    and a way to consistenly use teeth, pelts, ectoplasm, vampire dust.
    for example (if town has access to armory + leather tanner) can buy direwolf armor/mail for gold & pelts)
    medical plants gatherer = can buy poison for teth & gold

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