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    Love Battle Brothers, can’t wait to play with the Origins. Something I’d love to see in the future is a few more Terrain Types added, my suggestion would be.

    World Map-
    Coastal: Sand tiles similar to snow. Shallow water tiles similar murky water.

    Battle Brothers Camp: Rough Palisade wall obstacle, with several choke points. (Could give the player a benefit to camping when being pursued by a stronger force)

    Location Based-
    Cave: Irregular narrow terrain. Dark. Tactically would be harder to make use of large groups.

    Graveyard: Resolve penalty for Battle Brothers and Bandits.

    Ruins/Tomb: Always Dark. Cobblestone tiles. Pillars that block line of sight. Moria style terrain.

    Bandit Camp: Same as Battle Brothers Camp but you’re the attacker. (For high lvl Bandit Camps)

    I’d love to see terrain expanded further to Greenskin and Human Settlements, however that would require much more Artwork and is beyond the scope of this suggestion.

    Avatar photoCoffee

    Would love to see this implemented.


    Avatar photovarow

    I’d want to change the forest terrain. I think it’s the most disbalanced terrain in the game because it eats 3 AP and in addition almost every time consists of labyrinths. You can get into an ambush where your marksmen or best warriors may be easily isolated and surrounded without any chance to survive. I think forests shoud have only some areas or tiles for the cost of 3 AP and more of 2 AP like pathways.

    Avatar photoxterminal86

    I beg to differ.
    I think the way forest is so “randomly” generated makes it an ideal place to overcome strong and numerous opponents, for example.
    You can use those bottlenecks to deal with one enemy at a time.
    It can give you that little amount of advantage you lack and need against this particular opponents, who you’d have no chance of defeating in open combat.

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