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    I wish to suggest more comlicated text events and contacts, like it is ingame text quests.

    So for example you can choose some brothers who goes with you in the ancient crypt (or send them without you like it is now) and do some choices in, based on they traits (like dumb)), backgrounds or inventory (like pickaxe or some new quest-based stuff) with fail/succeed chances (like high initiative bro might try to replace some jewelry with rock without triggering trap) and some consequences like woking antient death (and if we flee from ancients they might try to retrieve artifact back from the village) or collapsed exit (wich leads to injuries and time needed to dig and loss some tools and maybe to sudden battle with sneaky graverobbers without few brothers) or just small nice loot and mood boost.

    Something like it was in King Arthur ( or in Space Rangers (

    Did you get the idea? I think it requires not so much coding, more text writing and creativity and can dramatically increase game depth so we can play with situations that can occur in BB but lays out of current ingame mechanics.

    I can help with text and situations. I think many people will gladly help to you guys with that or something different if you ask.
    By the way thanks a lot for amazing game.

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