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    (First of all i want to inform that this is my first AAR/story ever and English is not my native Language
    so i apologize for the mistakes and bad grammar.)

    The Adventure of Red Boar Company

    Three Best friends, Gernot, Reiner and Bertwin, they were so close you could consider them brothers, even before they joined the Lords army they they been friends since childhood. those lads never separated from each other, always stayed together no mater what. strange thing was they were so different from each other you’d never think those personalities would get along with each other.
    Gernot was quite quiet lad but behind that silence he was fearless and was a great fighter. that’s why he got quickly promoted to serjeant after he showed off his shield skills and pushed a rival lords champion of a cliff.
    Bertwin was big laud and brutish. No one wanted to mess with him since he liked carrying big weapons. there was a story of him cleaving a guy in a half with a two handed axe – from top to bottom. other than that he was really funny,liked to joke a lot
    Reiner was best archer in Lord retinue, it was his favorite pastime said it would let him relax. he won a famous fangshire helmet in archery tournament, never took it off since that day.

    So after the war ended the army was disbanded.Three friends drinking their last crowns away came with idea to become mercenaries to see the world and make some money after some drinking and drunk talking they decided to call themselves Red Boars since they charge and never step back.
    after couple days they bid farewell to their families packed any weapons and supplies they got and set north, where romour has it, that green skinned creatures are attacking human villages and bandits thriving from all that chaos.
    Weeks went past but the band got to the city by the name of Dulmen.
    -Dulmen? probably full of dull people,hah!-said Bertwin.
    -really funny,Berwin.- sarcastically said Reiner,-what now?
    -Now,we look for work replied Gernot.
    Hours past Gernot still walked around the city trying to find anyone who would require mercenaries work but alas nothing but then out of sudden he hears.
    -You there!Yes, You, mercenary! Over here and fast!
    there a man who turns out was ex-mercenary, he noticed that Gernot was quite new in this game and gave him lots of tips and information how to run a band.
    Halfway speaking about bandits he remembered something.
    -come to speak of it, i have some need in mercenaries myself..- he proceeded to explain that there is a Bandit hide out near the city and he is wiling to pay 500 crows to anyone who will clear it, “that’s our chance” thought Gernot. He agreed.
    -Before we move out we need more people,Gernot. We should check the tavern or something for recruits,-said Reiner
    -Good idea, three of us against bandits will get us killed fast,-added Berwin
    -Lets go then, i want to leave the city as soon as possible,-replied Gernot
    When they got to tavern, there was random sorts of people. The guys weren’t rich so they hired 3 people
    Baldur a clumsy wild man from the forest who surprisingly was able to talk like a civilized person
    Kori a vagabond that came here from west
    Otto a though grave digger that was a little bit shortsighted and mistook a plant with Gernot when he greeted hem from a afar
    when the band gathered up and settled the payment rates they all went to marketplace and bought some shields,weapons,and armour.
    -Thats it time to go and kill some bandits!- shouted Gernot

    The place was near the forest, Reiner went first to scout the place.
    – we have some thugs and a marksman, should be peace of piss.
    -Lets go!

    The everybody took a position near the small forest and waited for bandit charge, Kori and Baldur hid behind the shrubbery waiting if anybody will try to run flank the the main force of the band. Reiner was shooting arrows left and right, but missed. All bandits charged, except one sod who though we will run around the tree and shrubbery to hit them in the back but he rand straight in to the wildman and and a vagabond with a pitchfork. as soon as he fell down both of them ran straight in to the bandit archer. archer seeing a crazy wild man and a man with pitchfork running at him panicked and ran away, provably shit himself too.

    At that time main force was finishing up the rest of the scum. Reiner managed to shoot one guy in a gut,before he could succumb in pain Berwin finished him of with an axe. At that same time a Bandit showed of wielding a same axe ad Berwin, he took some swings at him but missed, right as he did so Otto kniffed the bastard in the back.Gernot managed to spear a knife wielding bandit in a chest “should’ve brought shield,bastard” he thought.
    The Battle was pretty much over, Baldur was still chasing the archer while Kori didn’t bother anymore. Wildman dint managed to catch him up.

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