Topic: the Mechanism for shield-damages

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    Hello ,BB guys, I am a big fan of your game. I have some ideas/suggestions about the mechanism for shield-damages in the game.

    As your know, the ‘SPLIT SHILED’ skill can 100% hit/damage a shield, I think it would be a good idea if:
    1. Add a hit rate for ‘SPLIT SHILED’ (when the defender does not use ‘SHIELDWALL’ skill );
    2. When the defender uses ‘SHIELDWALL’ , the hit rate of ‘SPLIT SHILED’ can maintain at 100%.

    Also, every time a shield is hit by an ‘usually-attack’ from an axe or other powerful two-handed weapons , the shield only drops 1 point durability . The attacker may feels so dispirited and unreal , I suggest to increase more shield-damages for ‘usually-attack’ that inflicted by axes and other two-handed weapons.

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