Topic: The Obsidian Dagger is misleading you!

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    The description of the Obsidian Dagger, which you get from a hexen’s legendary location, says:

    Resurrects anyone killed with it as a Wiederganger fighting for you.

    No it doesn’t. I took on the Black Monolith with it yesterday, hoping it would do what it says. And it didn’t. It does not resurrect the Ancients… I also landed the finishing blow to The Conqueror with it. Nope, it didn’t resurrect him.

    Does not resurrect orcs either. Just tested. Hey, the “anyone” category seems to be very very limited.

    Developers, please correct the description. I guess it should say “… any human killed with it …” instead.

    There are also reports on Reddit that last-hitting with this dagger may deny you the loot from the target. Haven’t confirmed yet, but I think the developers should address that as well if it’s a fact.

    Avatar photoJaysen

    That is true, it only works on humans. We will adjust the description!

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