Topic: The range of skills of the Sergeant of the squad.

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    At the moment, the Sergeant in the game is represented by only 2 skills: “Inspiration” and “Iron Will”. He distributes bonuses to the squad to prevent debuffs. But its usefulness ends there. I propose to strengthen its potential through skills aimed at strengthening the squad.

    Note: all skills of this group work in the zone of 5 cells from the sergeant himself.

    1) Ready for Battle (present in the Legend Mod) – when entering the battle, all characters equipped with a shield activate the Shield wall skill for free. A useful passive order-strengthening the player’s squad early on.
    2) Take cover (there is a legend mod) – all battle brothers get +10 to the skill “protection from shooting” for 1 turn.
    3) “Push Them” (there is a Legend mod) – all battle brothers get +10% to the chance of getting hit in melee for 1 turn.
    4) “Observation” – battle brothers armed with bows make a free attack on any enemy who moves to the specified zone (4 cells)
    5) “Beat them” battle brothers armed with throwing weapons make a free remote attack on the nearest enemy within a radius of 2 cells.
    6)Counter-attack-the specified battle brother skips his turn, but gets a free attack against any opponent who came close to him. If the hit is successful, the enemy retreats back, and the battle brother takes his cell.
    7) – “Break” – the specified battle brother, moves to the specified opponent and knocks him out of the occupied cell, stopping the effect of defensive abilities and stunning him.
    8)”Stand up and cut” – the specified battle brother who has been injured, conducts a free attack on the nearest enemy.
    9) – “Crush” – the specified battle brother, equipped with a two-handed weapon, attacks a nearby enemy with a series of attacks. each hit reduces the morale of surrounding enemies within a radius of 1 cell. If the target is killed during the attack, the enemy’s morale across the battlefield will drop by 2 points.

    The essence of these changes is the allocation of the sergeant as a separate class of amplifier, and not just a hand-to-hand fighter with a stick.

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    Hi All,

    I was just thinking about this the other day.

    I believe the Flag bearer should have more support skills or even offensive shouts

    like to motivate the brothers for a turn or two and/or debuff enemies around you

    My Examples:
    “Fight the pain” – targeted brother ignore temp injuries for a turn / removes debuff like stun or stagger
    “Take cover/watch out/get down” – shout out to a brother for +def and/or immune to stun/stagger/daze
    “Battlecry” – force a resolve check on an enemy (or aoe)
    “Shield Wall” – all brothers within 4 tiles with a shield uses shield wall for 50% normal fatigue and no AP
    “Charge” – gives a targeted brother extra AP (will not go over max)

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