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    Diary of Jasper Lyons, Formerly Second In Command of Lionhearts Under Jacob Lyons, Recently Appointed Commander of the Lionhearts

    Day 6
    It has been just a few short days. From the title of this diary entry it has been three days since my brother Jacob, god rest his soul, fell in combat and I took up mantle of leadership. I was unsure if I was ready. But today my men needed me to be ready. On the return trip we were accosted by bandits. They were waiting to ambush travelers on the only road between the forest. I guess they figured my men and I would be easy prey.

    My second, Wilhelm led the charge alongside the men. While I picked off bandits with my bow. The battle was over as quick as it began. We won the day. Though victory was not without cost. We lost four good men. No…we lost four brothers. Arnold the Older was Jacob’s age but his mastery of the axe was peerless. Those bastards had to double team him to get him down. Walter the Quick was the best with a knife and light armor. He could sneak in and slit throats like it was an art form. Sadly, the bandits arrows were just a little quicker. Kori the Fisher was a master with a net and his pitchfork. He once told us he fought as if he was spearfishing. Cast the net stab the fish. Simple. Cast the net stab your foe. Simpler. I am going to miss him most of all. The final person to leave us was Wolf. Wolf was from the town we were heading to. He was a green as green could get. He got his first kill in this battle. He was so proud. Sadly, an arrow took the joy from his face. Thorismund, I fear, is taking his lost the worst. It was Thorismund that not only recruited Wolf and gave his mother his personal promise her son would become a man under his tutelage. His killer didn’t escape though. My arrows pinned him to the ground while Thorismund’s axe lopped off his head.

    We buried everyone but Wolf. We would reach his home in a few hours. He should be buried with his family. In the soil of his birth. Luckily his mother took some solace in all of this. We gave her share of the contract money and spoils of combat. She thanked us for our kindness and we left her to grieve.

    We didn’t plan to stay in Wolfswall for long. We needed men and supplies. Sadly, Wolfswalls had neither. The seven of us decided to head Eulenkrug at first light. Some of us wanted to leave sooner for greener pastures but the road to Eulenkrug is through Fairdale. And god knows what will be waiting for us ahead.

    Day 7
    The road to Eulenkrug was uneventful. While I can see why it would be advisable to travel during the day. Fairdale is a joke. Between the forest and the swamp I don’t see how it is at all fair. But I am making a mountain of out of a mole hill. We reached Eulenkrug and I divided up task as my brother did before me. Thorismund was in no mood for recruiting so I had him watch our gear. Engelbert offered to watch it for him if he wanted to get a drink at the local tavern. But Thorismund took his assignment quietly. I sent Engelbert on a supply run. Wilhelm and Alberich the Traveller went and rounded up some recruits. When we were out of Thorismund’s earshot, I asked for them to find some without families or attachments. Ulfert the Weasel and Drake went and got supplies.

    I headed to the tavern and looked for work. It didn’t take me long. An agent of the Eulenkrug’s Guild Association walked right to me when I entered the tavern. Apparently, he could smell a sellsword a mile away. It wasn’t hard to be honest. Eulenkrug wasn’t a large place. He said that the Guild Master Wilderich was looking for a group of sellswords to deal with a crisis. I followed him back to town hall. He greeted me as warmly as a viper does a mouse. With disdain and venom. Despite that I could hear the desperation in his voice. He has had a problem with graverobbers. We attempted business. His opening offer was a joke. seven hundred and seventy crowns on completion. I laughed and told him he must be jester as well as a guild master. Then I turned to leave. He sighed and offered me ninety crowns in advance and seventy hundred and fifty crowns. Eight hundred forty crowns…I had to walk away from. Eulenkrug was a prosperous town. The Guild Master alone was worth his weight in crowns. I saw right through him. He was trying to fool me.

    After turning down the job, I returned to see several new recruits waiting for me. Ernst Silkworm a tailor bored with his mundane life and looking for a little excitement. Siegward, a daytaler, tired of being a pair of hands begging for work he wanted to make something of himself. And finally, Thilmann, a poacher, who Engelbert took pity on in the gallows. After talking with his guard, Alberich managed to get him released on the terms of two contracts without pay. After which he was free to remain with us or go about his own way. Everyone but Thorismund welcomed them in as brothers and over the campfire they regaled us with their life stories.

    It was decided we would make for Waidhof. A large town full of merchants and town people with problem only we sellswords could solve.

    Day 8
    As we approached Greenwood we decided to take a short rest break. Wilheim decide he wanted to chew my ear off about turning down that contract. I tried to make him see my viewpoint on the matter, his logic was…difficult to refute. He was right…if we wanted to make an impression on the nobility we needed to take any job that came our way. Especially those given by the guild masters, town councilors, and mayors. Apparently, the more the people talk about us the better chance we have of reaching someone-important’s ear. I promised him if I will only turn down jobs if they sound too dangerous or goes against the Lionheart’s code. He thanked me for my understand and we continued into Greenwood.

    Sadly, we were being chased by bandits again. We had a good position if we chose to fight. I was undecided. So like my brother before me I put the question to the men. Do we stand and fight or do we make for the town? I was surprised by their reactions. Even Thorismund’s. They shouted we are Lionhearts. We are lions wearing the skin of men. Those bandits are mice wearing the skin of corpses. Lions don’t run from mice. We devour them. In any form they choose. I had my answer. We formed up the ranks and took them head on. I was so proud of my brothers despite being bruised we all emerged from the battle with our lives intact. I couldn’t have asked for a finer victory then this one. I was so proud I declared a round on me when we reached Waidhof. We hired Hakon after he browbeat Engelbert into recruiting him. Something about getting the hell out of town as soon as possible and a sellsword company would be perfect.

    I should look into changing my armor to something that doesn’t scream I am a sellsword. Because apparently before I could wet my throat on the sweet mead, another shady individual type asked me to meet with his master. I agree. His master was a merchant. Hanke was very direct and didn’t attempt to mince words. I can respect that. His had a problem with grave-robbers and needed them killed immediately before they strike again. Simple. He offered me two hundred seventy in advance and four hundred eighty on completion. My coffers weren’t dry but we could use the money. I accepted. We were still riding high from that last victory.

    Our destination was Tilted Tombstone. Hakon knew the way. Apparently it was the cemetery of the Waldhof’s most powerful and influential natives including the king of Waldhof himself. But it was reclaimed by the forest so we had to go deep into the Greenwood.

    I decided to slurp on an inn for the company tonight. Hopefully everyone will be well rested and sober for tomorrow.

    Day 9
    Just bloody fucking fuck. I should began at the beginning. So we left Waldhof in high spirits. Well most of us. A few of them decided to pick a fight with some of the locals. So there share of the contract money will be smaller due to the repairs. Hakon took point and lead us. It was about midday when we reached what was the beginning of Tilted Tombstones. Hakon was right though. The place was overgrown. Apparently the Greenwood took no prisoners.

    The grave-robbers apparently weren’t just any old robbers. They were highly trained with armor to match. These weren’t grave-robber they were soldiers. Soldiers sent looking for something important. We clashed and they took four of our brothers. Thorismund, Alberich the Traveller, Ulfert the Weasel, and Thilmann were taken from us this day.

    It is was too dark to travel back to Waldhof so we have to wait to the first light. I am going to personally talk to that bastard Hanke and see what he knows. And if I don’t like what he has to say. His next business contract will be with the ferryman to hell.

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