Topic: The thing this game needs the most is a simple non-auotmatic biography page

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    All I want is to be able to add events to a character biography whenever I see fit. Automatic biographies will not do. Just a simple notepad which I can access at anytime, ESPECIALLY after the character is dead, and EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY after the save is over. This info could be stored somewhere in the menu (e.g. Company Histories) and accessed at anytime. This would keep a bunch of stats for each company I’ve played and died with, and also allow me to access the stats and biography of each of the characters.

    80% of the fun in this game comes from role-playing. Things I would be able to write include:

    – How Ulfert became Ulfert Three Toes (because injury to the foot = fancy new title) after dispatching three thugs at the battle of Speedwell Fields, and how he later became Ulfert One Toe after another injury to the foot.

    – How Humbert the Jongleur lost his captaincy to Guntram the Blade after being the first man to flee during a battle we won comfortably. ( He later redeemed himself).

    – – How Bertwin was forced naked wielding nothing but a knife at a mob of thralls by Guntram. The man had fought with the company on only two occasions and fled both. Guntram does not tolerate cravens. He gave Bertwin a final chance to prove himself. If he survived the trial, Guntram would not chop off his head. Bertwin did not survive the trial.

    – How Guntram commanded Balduin to shoot at anyone who dared flee the field of battle after the company found itself facing a bunch of red eyed creatures. Luckily for everybody else, Balduin was the first to flee. Later, Guntram did not chop off Balduin’s head for fleeing. He had been with the company for a month for a month, and this was the first time that had happened. Guntram chop off Balduin’s head because he did not obey his orders. Balduin should have shot himself.

    – How Guntram always runs like a maniac at the enemy with his double-handed axe, with no regard for tactics whatsoever, always pushing allies aside to get his axe cleaved on someone’s forehead, hitting friend and foe with his swinging axe – so much so that Shieldwall has become a necessary tactic. He can be a bigger threat than the enemy – javelins and arrows flying his way and YET the man just won’t die. A true living legend. Just too bad he’s not a dead legend. To tell his stories and shout cheers in his name in the warm comfort of a tavern, how great would that be. IF ONLY THE F*CKER WOULD DIE.

    etc, etc.


    In addition, all I see is a list of the death characters. It would be much better if I could see a thumbnail just like the one we get after a combat, only in this case it would include total exp, etc, plus the gear they died with.


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    I really like this, I also love the fact that we see how long they have been with us, their biggest opponent slain and the injuries they took for us. Feels a little sad to only have their name in the obituary with no text.

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    Yeah I like this idea, too. I have a lot of fun with character-building, but it’s sometimes rather limited without being able to re-write bios.

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    would be nice to expand the obituary information imho , with armor, perhaps a click and check his character sheet at time of death to grief upon ..

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