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    Avatar photoUnknownAl

    Great Game all, with a strong start and perhaps a lacking endgame.
    But what matters bothers me the most is the sheer randomness, I get it, it’s and RPG of sorts,
    randomness is in it’s nature but this game is too random to deal with.
    at one moment I’d be slaying orcs left and right, and in the other moment I’ll die to a peasant with a knife.
    so for all those lesser lucky players out here I suggest that the dice rolls would make much more sense as they would in old school D&D.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    Yes it is. But even here there is a ten or more “experts” on the forum who immediately advise you to play chess if you do not like random. Personally, I think it’s shit, but the problem is that the random system calculated numbers is common in gamedev thing and, about assurances of developers are the BB, it is working properly. In fairness it must be said that it is very difficult to make the system without random, interesting, complex, working in all phases of the game … especially for a team of 3 persons. So whether you like it or not – it is more important that there are no errors in the system – all of these 10 misses in a row with 70% – it’s normal, it is right, it should be. So – enjoy. )

    Avatar photoMeeky

    Yeah, I’m going to avoid talking TOO much on this topic, but I’d say the randomness feels like it’s in about the right place when I play. Good strategy wins the day, and stacking bonuses in your favor works, but you always do have at least a slight risk of failure… which keeps things exciting. I like it.

    Personally, one thing that I’ve pondered in the past is if “graduated” successes / failures might be good. In one of my favorite tabletop RPG systems, Dungeon World, every action taken has three different kinds of results: failure, success with a cost, and outright success without cost. For instance, a Hack and Slash attempt in Dungeon World varies from a simple failure to both you and the enemy taking damage to JUST the enemy taking damage. I keep wondering if this principle – degrees of success, let’s call it – can be applied to Battle Brothers in some way.

    …But then you’d still have complaints about the RNG if degrees of success WERE implemented. Besides people having outright bad luck sometimes, confirmation bias is also a thing. And Lord knows I’ve had some HORRIBLE luck in certain games. I guess I just like the feeling of tossing the virtual dice every time I go in for a kill. It keeps things tense.

    But one thing I REALLY hope gets done? I hope the injury system allows Battle Brothers to sometimes be knocked out in a fight without actually being killed. I think if THAT was done, we’d have a lot less complaints about the RNG of the system, and frankly a chance of being knocked out instead of killed would allow the devs to make the game less forgiving in other areas.

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