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    The high mobility of the goblin wolf rider would make them perfect ranged archers, perhaps stop short of giving them bows, because that would make them very annoying to fight, but some wolf riders with throwing weapons, using their movement and footwork to stay out of melee while peppering you with their ranged attacks would be quite fun.

    Avatar photoMike

    would be quite fun.

    For who, exactly? Certainly not for players unable to catch them at all unless they happen to have a crapload of nets on hand.

    They work fine as they are, fulfilling their designated tactical role admirably while not being a jack-of-all-trades.

    If you keep sticking upgrades to an already good unit you end up with another necrosavant – take a look around the forums and see how many people consider fighting something so brokenly OP to be “fun”…

    Avatar photoFotsvamp

    Right now I personally consider the wolf rider to be the weakest of all goblin units, a fight vs a pack of them is a straightforward brainless fight, some are going to charge your front line while the rest moves around to try and flank your archers, just be prepared and you can easily take them down.

    Low ammo count for throwing weapons would make them charge after 2 turns anyways, and besides nets they would be countered by archers.

    Giving them more tools would make the fights more interesting and challenging instead of just being, “oh a goblin army…. Yes! It’s made out of goblin wolf riders, free exp!”

    I think every enemy should be a challenge and right now the goblin wolf rider isn’t.

    Avatar photoNamespace

    Well, wolfriders are really strong enemies in the early game – but I have to agree, later on they are really weak.
    I generally do avoid goblins because their loot is absolutely abysmal, so if they were to buff any goblins I really think they should improve their loot too.
    I really see absolutely no reason to risk a few wounds fighting goblin archers when loot is basically non-existant.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    Sometimes it seems to me that feedback and suggestions are made by people who did not play this game ….

    Avatar photoKorgaah

    My party is around level 6-7 of 12 with decent gear- if you are attacked by a pack of 13 wolfriders youre gonna end up havin a bad day, Period. Especially on flat or grasslands… I have had to save scum like 20 times to win a damn fight against these whores… not only are they ridiculously strong with their crits but even when you kill the rider the wolf immediately gets another 2 attacks on a nearby brother.. THATS 5 ATTACKS people/just insane… not to mention a demoralized rider is killed while fleeing WHOOOPS GUESS WHAT.. THE WOLF FUCKIN STAYS because it ISNT demoralized.. Devs pls change this asap.. its beyond stupid

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