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    I have an Idea about making the Brothers stronger .
    Make them able to train with each other! This could be done by 3 different ways.

    1) An Event where 2 of your brothers start training with each other (just like the event with the bows)

    2) An option During camp That have limits like : If a brother do train, he can do it again after 4-5 Days.

    3) Training centers In towns(only large towns) where will have some requirements for a brother to get inside like… lets see
    train in Melee skill Requires : lvl 4 brother with 60 melee skill, A brother with a melee skill of 100 cannot enter.

    what bonuses will they have? well.. idk… mayby some xp but only afew (like 10~20) or… maybe… +1 in one random stat…

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