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    I think it would be cool to actually see the special locations on the map in combat. Like when you to to an abandoned fort, let the fighting take place in the courtyard or even just have rumble strewn across the battlefield while the largest part of the building is just the outskirts of the map or something. It would make all of the encounters in-game more immersive and unique rather than “attack the abandoned fort” *fights in a grassy field where there is no sign of a fort*

    I can see it now, the forums littered with tales of the first time a bandit was pushed off the forts 3 tile high wall, killing them on impact. It would be great!!

    Thanks for reading my post, cheers!

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    I agree this would be cool – my understanding is that the devs made some attempts at this in the past, but found that the environment objects cluttered the battlefield and made it difficult to actually have fights.

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