Topic: UI bug and control lockout (battle)

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    I encountered a bug when fighting bandits alongside the militia. Halfway through the battle, after a bandit had finished its turn, the guy was still “highlighted”. It was possible to move and use skills but the actionbar/portrait- UI was not shown. When the round had finished, and said bandit had another turn the UI caught back.
    But it got stuck again a few men down; this time I released the War Dog, and was locked out completely with only mouse-hovering and main-menu still working.

    Log and a screencap submitted, should be the last battle.
    I have not run into this before (militia or not) but I just picked up the game. I reloaded the battle a few times but no problems then. Not sure what triggered it.
    This was the first game since the update.
    Also, I had a minor bug yesterday where the camera didn’t shift to whoever turn was next, and the battle was put on hold until I manually moved the camera to the allies/enemies whos turn it was (not mercenaries).

    EDIT: Jag skriver som en kratta!

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