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    hi, i have played Bibis for quite some time now, i really like the new dlc’s, but i wanted to point out a few things that grind my gears. after starting a new party for like two hundredth time, which i really enjoyed , i finally got to late game- or middle game? – and my party got strong enough to survive. I had no archers in my party and shieldwalled for twenty turns and realised that enemy archers had infinite arrows, which came as a surprise . . i sacrificed a lot of punches just to stand in front of 5 FIVE marksman just to enjoy to sight of them – for a change – rushing me with knifes like thugs. Infinite arrows for the NPC is an inconsistency in my view, and it kills some perhaps rare strategies, but fun nontheless. its not the best strategy , – i think – so it shouldnt unballance the playthrough.

    second of all, i got all hyped when i got my level 12. i got all hyped , but ended ‘demotivated’ and ‘cheated’ as there is some kind of level ristriction imposed on the player which sucks. we got algorythms to balance the game not ‘stupid’ ideas. so listen to this- i am an explorer kind of player, i only reached about day 60 when i got my level 12, i havent played through 3/4 of the game yet, when i learned that i will have to hit the nasty ors in the face for like a thousandth time- which i like- without any reward. so i started – which i didnt like- avoiding additional fights altogether and letting brutish thugs and monsters raid my country and i acted like i didnt care. well i get that fast learner is OP, so how about you change that instead of making some unspoken rules. it takes A LOT of time to get level 12 and LOTS more to make a level 13 , so i ask of you that it becomes an enjoyment , and a reward for a plyer, even if,- laughs- a bit OP . not like 3 melee attack is going to change much, aint it ?
    Really enjoyed the game altogether, but it still lacks in my opinion. i dont know if you plan on expanding the bibi world , but should you do so, how about implementing some schools of magic, healers, buffer’s(bards) like in any good game liek NWN. Hitting mosters and epic brawls are cool, love them, but magic would make things even more cool. i already saw some magic wielders on the monster side, i was talking about a magic wielding player character too.

    Thanks for reading

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