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    The samples of small arms presented below have interesting tactical capabilities. The Imperial Crossbow allows you to attack multiple times per turn through reloading. And the legendary Dragon Slayer crossbow allows 4 attacks in a row, with a mandatory reload at the end.

    Imperial crossbow.

    Тhis type of weapon refers to a rare and legendary weapon. It is found in the ranks of the army of the living dead (in the legionnaire shooters) during the crisis of the ” War with the Undead”

    The game is an alternative version of the medium crossbow, surpassing it in the following points:
    – attack cost 3 points, cooldown cost 4 points.
    – In addition to remote attack, this weapon can be used in hand-to-hand combat:
    a) push the target away-standard crushing damage + the enemy is dropped by 1 square.
    b) stun damage – crushing damage+ stun for 1 turn.

    – the crossbow has a number of improvements (you can get from dead people. (:
    a) an Arc of dark alloy – increases the range from 6 cells to 8 damage and ignoring armor by 20%
    b) a Bed of dark tree – enhances the accuracy bonus to +5%
    C) the Bone bolt further in getting reduce the level of courage of purpose (for those who are prone to fear).
    d) Heavy Butt-increases damage in melee mode.

    Skill with a crossbow provides the following features:
    – attack cost becomes 2 points, cooldown cost 3 points. This allows you to maneuver more successfully and conduct targeted fire.

    Where to find:
    You can get as a trophy after defeating legionary of manualist (ancient undead).
    Improvements are similar.

    Tactical value: In addition to shooting, the crossbowman character will allow himself the opportunity for some movement, which can give additional tactical moves.

    From the title of too imba, this item is separated by the specificity of the conditions for its receipt, the relative rarity of its appearance.

    The dragon-Slayer.
    Legendary crossbow-you can get it if you complete a series of adventures:
    – find a drawing of this crossbow in a random ancient crypt.
    – have a bow master and a monster hunter on your team.
    – collect ingredients from wolves, trolls, goblins and witches and create a given legend. It is a variant of a magazine crossbow – the fire is carried out until the stock of bolts in the store is exhausted, after which it is reloaded

    – Damage and armor ignoring stats = heavy crossbow with a collar.
    – Damage distance of 5 cells.
    – the cost of the attack is 1 action point, you can make 4 shots before reloading. The cooldown cost is 5 action points.
    – Stamina consumption = heavy crossbow with a collar.
    – special-deals frequent critical hits.
    The skill crossbows reduces the consumption of stamina and improves the rate of ignoring armor.

    Avatar photoSugmar
    Avatar photoSugmar

    The principle of functioning of the Dragon Slayer. And versions of the crossbow as a melee weapon (a blow with a bayonet) and crushing blows.

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