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    Currently, the busts face either to the right if they are on the side of the player (i.e. militia and battle brothers) the opposing factions face to the left. I presume this is so the player can distinguish which bust belongs to whom. I think this is a missed opportunity; facing has a particular tactical element in many other games, but as of now regardless of which direction a unit attacks or moves, they always face in the same direction. An arrow to the back of a fleeing opponent should have a higher chance of hitting (especially a shielded opponent).

    I dunno, I think theres also an awkwardness, it feels very gamey that the units always look in one direction. I think once the faction flags are fully implemented it should be easy for the player to distinguish who belongs to who.

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    The tactical depth it would add would not out-way the tedium of properly facing each brother on a given turn, or the re-balance of how that would effect action points. The combat system is sort of abstracted in the first place, the loss of the added realism is not missed by me.

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    I like current system. Is simple and work well.

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