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    I would like to suggest a change to how chance works in the game. Right now it seems as if you where always rolling a 1d100 dice (a dice of 100 faces), where results can be way too often not realistic with how good a character is.
    It’s ok for a veteran warrior to sometimes make a mistake and fail critically during an attack or defense movement, but it should not be so often as it happens right now, the same goes for a rookie merchant hitting a master swordsman 3 times in a row.
    So my suggestion is that instead of using this 1d100 dice, we change it instead to a 3d6 system (3 dice rolls of 6 faces). This way, we get a Gaussian Distribution of the rolls, where the results are way more consistent with the reality of things, sometimes a veteran warrior will get unlucky and fail very badly and sometimes the merchant will get lucky, but in a much more reasonable way.
    For every roll, you would take 3 random numbers between 1 and 6, where a sum of 3 is a critical failure and a sum of 18 a critical success, instead of just taking a single random number between 1 and 99 as it is right now. It should not be too hard to implement this and balancing issues should be easy enough to address.
    I like this game very much and the chance elements are not something that ruins the fun for me, but with this new system it would be much more fun to play the game, since we would still have chance but in a reasonable and fun way.

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    This change will make easy fights more boring and hard fights more… uhmmm… unbeatable.
    On the other hand – less RNG always means more brain.

    Still I dont know if I like it or not… never happens anyway (unless you roll critical success of 18).

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