Topic: Value of damage done in log differs from real damage done

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    Hi, plz tell me about one base game mechanic which i cant understand,
    im not sure if it is a bug, maybe i have missed something, here is a situation

    A Brigand Marksman with a Short Bow uses Aimed Shot and hits bro with (115 armor + 30 attachment = 145 armor total ) with Nimble perk
    Aimed Shot provides additional +10% damage to hp (not armor);
    Short Bow stats is 30-50 damage; 35% ignore armor; 50% eff vs armor;

    Bro’s armor has full health (145);
    Minimum damage done to armor without battleforged should be 15

    But log shows that it was 13 damage done … and that fact can’t be explained with some kind of rounding;
    But the more interesting thing is that the real damage bro has suffered was 14 to armor as you can see on the screenshot;

    Plz tell me how this values(in log and in real) could be different ?
    and how Short Bow could make less than theoretical minimal damage ?

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