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    Hi i think that the Vertevens hall could be like an area that you cant die in to train you battle brothers with the town vertevens there like former mercs or milia captains or town guards like that for only exp of course they have to pay a mighty fee to do this

    And i wish there was some form of coliseum as well for nobles entertainment as well as the peons. what i mean as in coliseum where it could be use as a poilitel advanced where the can fight for money or for the nobles but it will be a fight to the death and not all the battle brother can join the fight mabay 6 of them. and there can be these opponents in the arena can be slaves made of defectors criminals war-criminals robbers and others. and this guy equipment can be very good or poor like naked men with clubs and bucklers fighting to herde knight with armour that near impenetrable and with a great sword that can chop people in two.

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