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    Hi there developers. Love the game and I hope you don’t mind if I could request a few changes and additions to make the game more fun when you release the next expansion. I’ll try and choose options that don’t require a ton of work and hold the most value for players.

    * Please add more names to the main database. Seeing the same names all the time (sometimes in the same pool of recruits). Just adding 10-20 would make a big difference.

    * Please consider putting the formations mod into the game. This makes the micromanagement of Alps, Trees, and other specific enemies no problem – and much more fun to deal with.

    * Would also like for you to consider widening the values recruits can get. Have them range a few points lower and a few points higher than current. Getting an outlier Shepherd or some-such would be very fun (to at least have that chance outside of stars).

    * Please don’t nerf traits in the future. If you find some traits are under utilized by the community, buff those instead.

    * If you can, please consider map generation options. Where we can input % mountains, swamp, forest. Would also like to see the map gen do a better job of including a wider range of facilities.

    That’s it. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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    Also on the Obituary page it would be great if you included more information, specifically what their background was.

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    Hear hear! to a few more names and a more intricate obituary

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    Random other forum lurkers 2 cents on these. . .

    Agree on the names. I wonder if this is actually just a matter of some names being more common than other, as I feel like I see a lot of e.g. Kuniberts and not very many e.g. Otto’s, but both are in the game.

    Haven’t used the formations mod so I can’t really pass judgement, but thinking back to other games that have this (Heroes 3, etc.) it can get *very* tedious, so I’m hesitant about its inclusion.

    I think the idea is that talents are supposed to fill this gap – your outlier shepherds are the ones that get 3 stars in melee attack, etc. I think that’s pretty well balanced for Overhype’s goals (they’ve said in the past that they try to optimize for the first ~150 days or so of the game). I think the only area this kinda falls apart is with ranged characters.

    I’m thinking you mean perks? I’m a pretty hard disagreement on this one; it absolutely makes sense to revisit other perks when adding or changing them, or changing the equipment in the game.

    Some kind of map generation options would be cool (choosing the noble house colors/banners was mentioned in another thread and I think even just that would be great).

    Strong agreement to the expanded obituary. Personally want to see a dog obituary so I can feel extra bad about myself.

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    The formations mod is amazing. It’s clean, super easy, and works brilliantly. I don’t remember a formations thing for Heroes 3 so maybe you’re misinterpreting what it does. You setup the group in your stash screen like normal and their loadout. Then you hit save 1. You have multiple save slots, so you can instantly switch from skeleton setup (heavy with maces and no ranged units) to raiders (diverse weapons with plenty of ranged) to undead (no ranged lots of cleavers) to Alps (no armor and all swords/spears).

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    +buff the emporer and Davkul armour back to where it belongs. I literally had one of those once in 1500 hrs play. They are rare and hard to get, they should best items not.

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    Ahhh, that makes much more sense. I was thinking physical starting positions on the map (like what you get from the Tactics skill in HoMM).

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