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    Avatar photoMike

    As it is right now going past 11 changes nothing – no perk points and next to no skill points. It honestly feels a tad… misleading to tell players that they can keep developing bros when it takes 3-4 veteran levels to get a single “real” lvlup statwise.

    I’m not sure that I follow the reasoning behind this. Unless you’re save-scumming every battle it’s not easy to train a bro to top level, not to mention the vet levels. I think that’s an achievement that if not outright rewarded, at least shouldn’t be – in essence – penalised. The balance issue argument loses it’s weight when you realise that by the time you get any veterans your company of 12 is regularly faced with overwhelming numbers of top-tier enemies each battle.

    That being said, could we at least get to pick one or two “normal” skillups when gaining a level? I’d much rather boost a single lacking skill by 3 than spread them out.

    Also I think it would be nice to add some special rewards that you could get either randomly or at a set veteran level, like an additional perk point at lvl 15 or a chance to get some special traits, like say “Battle Hardened – 25% less chance to break during combat” or “Weapon Master – +5% chance to hit with all weapons”.

    This way there’d be something to look forward to and a reason to keep pushing the bro, because right now I’d honestly rather put the lvl 11 bros in reserve and use the free slot to train up the replacements for inevitable losses.

    Avatar photonope100500

    Veteran levels are good enough. They allow veterans with initially mediocre stats to eventually reach stat levels that would otherwise possible only for superb recruits. So there is much less stimulus to replace your veteran with recruit that has slightly better potential.

    As for “Weapon Master – +5% chance to hit with all weapons” – you can already get +5% to hit with every weapon per 5 veteran levels (and also +5 to both defs).

    Avatar photoHarlath

    I can see where you’re coming from on this, but I quite like the Verteran levels. They’re a small bonus, but you don’t feel you’re wasting XP by keeping your Veterans in the line-up while you train up new Battle Brothers. It keeps the Veterans getting something while still keeping them in range of your lower level brothers and the enemies.

    I worry balance would be sent of out whack by larger gains/specicial perks etc.

    Current system seems in the sweet spot to me.

    Avatar photoShadow

    As a Veteran player, I’d say the system could still use a boost, if the devs won’t rein in the number of high end enemies the player faces by the endgame. Fighting outnumbered 2:1 by equal or superior foes just isn’t sustainable and eventually your company’s ground to dust.

    How else could we face those odds without constant pyrrhic victories (at best) that leave the company decimated, if not by allowing brothers to become stronger?

    It probably shouldn’t be treated like a normal level up, but just a +1 seems too little. Perhaps it could be governed by potential, and allow greater single increases. Just one or two increases per level, but potentially deeper ones.

    Avatar photoWargasm

    — I think each attribute should be divided into three tiers of skill ranges, and, if a veteran’s value is already in the top range, only +1 should be available for that attribute, but +5 should be available if it’s in the lowest range (and +3 for in the middle)

    — I also think you should get the opportunity to exchange one perk for another at each veteran level, to keep things fresh and relevant

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