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    Just throwing out there, I believe implementing a quest of war between races and factions will make the game interesting. My idea is that the player would receive an invitation to join a war campaign as a mercenary company to fight against a faction or race. I’ve contemplated for a while but this idea has cons that the game may need to address. I also believe the game should create fame and titles for the player’s mercenary company, and I’ll address this as I explain this idea.

    First human faction
    – pros,
    I believe this would be plausible for human factions to fight each other since they emulate as sovereign nations. There are two types of battle I thought of: opened field and siege warfare. If battles are fought on opened field, then I think the game has sufficient materials (map wise, etc.) to make that happen. In siege battles, however, the game must have a new map and new battle units, like battering ram and ladders, to capture towns.

    – Cons,
    If battering ram and ladders are fielded on the battlefield, will the player take control of it or the AI? Should the ladder and battering ram proceed to the gates or walls automatically on a pre-existing script? If people carrying the battling ram or the ladder are killed in the battlefield, can the current game mechanic allow the player or AI to pick them up? Will retreating from the battlefield on siege battles create penalties for the player? For example, will the units of the mercenary company get killed in the process, assuming that the units are decent tiles away from the nearest enemy unit? Should the chances of death by retreating leave up to chance? . . . You get what i’m talking about, there’s a lot to be addressed, and I think the forum can help me with that.

    2. My idea of war against orcs and goblins
    – Currently
    the game sets them as nomadic groups on the map. Changing their function as a nomadic group would completely change the game.

    – My solution and ideas
    Thus, I propose a special event that warns the human factions of an influential goblin or orc leader uniting tribes.

    (1) The first part of the quest involves a high bounty of killing the leader before it gets out of control. If the quest is successfully completed, the human faction avoids a confrontation of war. Also, the human world is given a certain time constraint to finish the quest. If the player or some human AI fail, the human world faces a crisis of war on their human settlement.

    (1) The human factions are given the choice to unite together against the threat or behave independently against the threat. The player will be given an invitation to join a united human army. If the human player accepts, the player will immediately be suspended from an independent action, and the player will await the confrontation, given 2 days to prepare. For this event, I believe it imperative for the player to be given access to a market to buy repair kits, medicine, food, armor, weapons, etc.

    War (continued) Inaction
    (1) If the player refuses to accept the invitation, the war will coincide with the player’s timeline until it ends. The defeat or success of the war should be up to chance.

    War (continued) battlefield location
    (2) Where will the battle take place? This should be taken up to chance on a human frontier settlement. If the confrontation begins near a village, it can either be opened field battle or village defensive battle. Thus, this means generating a new map for human settlement battle. This goes without saying the same for town battles. Please read the human siege battle for my thoughts on this.

    War (continued) Victory and defeat
    (3) If the player wins (thus if the human wins), they save the frontier settlement from capture or ransack and the player gets huge goodies and rewards. If the player cannot win, the player has a choice of deserting the battle. The consequences of retreating the battle, I think, should include a complete genocide of most of the player’s units. And if the player is successful in retreating, I think the game should include a possibility of endowing a bad title and the loss of FAME or good reputation onto the player’s mercenary company as a result of the event. Thus, this is why I propose fame and titles. However, I’ll this up for discussion.

    Anyway, I hope this idea is implemented in the game because I sincerely believe it will make the game much more fun. To players and developers, please leave a comment on what you think about this idea and my mechanics for this!

    Battlebrother player,

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