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    i would love to see the wardogs expanded a bit more.
    – addition of other animals/breeds, so low levels might see smaller dogs (like a terrier) or rat swarms (for the goblins) but at high levels you would get mastiffs rottweiler and so on.

    – being able to purchase/equip different armors for animals, start with collars, the leathers, then mail and so on

    – utility animals – birds that can increase visual range

    – leveling of wardogs – maybe not as in depth as humans but basic leveling and traits

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    I’m not sure about in depth dog stuff but I like the idea of a few different, more expensive breeds.

    And as for flavor, I’d love to see war dogs receive the Fearsome perk as historically war dogs were less of a fighting force and more of a terror weapon.

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