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    Hello guys recently i was surfing internet for battle brothers rare equipment and find screen on some steam forums
    but next time i got there treat was deleted and i dont remember the author so i was unable to ask him about the item location but i copied image

    The guy on the left wears the same helmet like ork warlord and its not knight helmet.Where can i find it, the helm looks so badass maybe someone knew something about how to get the helmet???


    nice helmet indeed, want to know how to get that as well O<O


    The owner of that image almost definitely went in and manually altered the image files for the game. a.k.a. a mod. I’ve seen it done with several things, most notably to turn a BB into a werewolf.

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    Nice looking helmet :) Which i could give it to my frontline soldiers one day.


    It is a mod or plain photoshop for sure as there is no such helmet in a game files at all as well as there is no direwolf+scales armor there is only direwolf+leather and direwolf+chain armors in game files. But there is a lute as a weapon so crushing a lute on orc’s head is eventually possible =P

    Love Gun

    But there is a lute as a weapon so crushing a lute on orc’s head is eventually possible =P

    It came with the Minstrel. Upon hiring, seeing it the first time, I thought it was just a visual addition to the Minstrel background, because it is somehow painted different from the other weapons; I guess it is the missing bold, black contour.

    I never used it though; I deemed it to valuable to waste it in a fight(since, as far as I know, it cannot be bought and is kind of rare to find on Minstrels) and secretly hoped for another usage(unfortunately it is not tied to the Minstrel singing event, boosting its result; instead the Minstrel suddenly has a Lute). So it filled an inventory slot for pretty long until I sold it, because I needed space and it seems to be more a gimmick than anything else; too bad.

    PS: Maybe someone active on the Battle Brothers Wiki could make a melee weapon entry for it, since up to now it has none.

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