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    I want share with you some proposals to improve weapon skills (1-handed / 2-handed)

    For Maces (1H/2H), Axes (1H/2H), Cleavers (1H/2H), Hammers (1H), Poelarms, Flails (1H/2H), Daggers, Swords (1H) :
    Could you add “Swing” skill with -5% accuracy ?
    (3 attacks for all weapons and for weapons without this skill)

    Spears :
    Could you add “Puncture” skill same like daggers ?
    (To give more interest for this weapon…)

    Mace (1H) :
    Could you add +50% “Daze” effect for “Bash” skill ?
    (In accordance with 100% for new 2H maces)

    Flails (1H/2H) :
    Could you add +35% (1H) and +55% (2H) “Stun” effect for Flail/Cascade skill ?
    Could you add +75% (1H/2H) “Stun” effect for Hail/Lash ?
    (In accordance with the “head shot” capacity and the “stun” capacity from the Berserk Chain)

    Daggers & Cross Bow :
    Could you add “bleeding” effect for these weapon and for all skills ?
    (These weapons creates a deep injuries with lot of bleeding effect)

    Bow / Javelin / throwing axe :
    Could you create a diversity for the arrows / ammo ? (Like in reality)
    Anti-armor / Bleeding / Normal / Poisonned / Fire ?

    Longaxe :
    Could you add “+50% damage” for head shot ?
    (In accordance with a 1H axes)
    Or could you add “split man” skill like normal 2H axe ?
    (In accordance with the 2H axes)

    “Round swing” skill :
    I’m not alone to think this skill is bad.
    To give more interest, I want share with you a proposal :
    Could you give -20% accuracy AND +50% damages for 6 targets?

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