Topic: Weapons that NEED to be in this game.

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    Avatar photoBuuface

    Poleaxe/Polehammer – a tier 3 anti armor version of the bill/pike – 2 tile range – special attacks: spearwall,destroy armour

    Military Pick – a tier 2 anti armour weapon between the pickaxe and the Warhammer – same function –

    Maul – a two handed blunt weapon used by orcs or other large creatures – special attacks: Knock out

    Bastard Sword – A long-sword which can be used single-handedly with a shield (tiring and show) or with 2 hands in a similar way to the Warbrand.

    Avatar photoBananenbaum

    I give you an absolutely +1 on the Bastard sword … dont know why this iconic weapon isnt in the game yet.

    Some more:

    Halberd – mix between Spear and Axe!

    Musket – as new range weapon.

    Claws – perfect for rending, give them multiple attacks like werewolves.

    and most for all: Scythe! I want to see some undead reaper with scythes and I wanna use this 2h weapon so bad! :D

    Avatar photoTIDM2

    God no we do not need muskets, they would not fit at all. Claws also don’t sound great.. Everything else though would be nice to have in the game.

    Avatar photoDwarvenale

    Composite Longbows, if not already in the game

    Avatar photoBananenbaum


    Pistols and Muskets are part of the late middleage, also often available in dark fantasy settings like battlebrothers has …
    Claws would be fitting backgrounds like cultists, thieves and killers on the run.
    Even Undeads and Orks would fit.

    Especially ranged weapons need an upgrade, caus longbow/xbow cant be the end of the chain …

    Avatar photoTIDM2

    Firstly, I’d say that battle brothers is more well represented by the high middle ages rather than the late, which did not have firearms. Battle-brothers is a low fantasy – aka gritty medieval world with some fantasy elements, so no, guns would just be a strange addition. You can easily solve the lack of ranged weapon variation by adding different types of crossbows or something.

    As for the claws – not sure exactly what you mean by them – but they sound like some fantasy ninja weapon which again doesn’t fit the setting

    Avatar photoMiaphysites

    I’ve always wanted to blow up goblins with a Panzer, come on. Otherwise, how about weapons actually missing from this environment? Like… a cannon? There are Very early cannons. ballista. For personnel attacks. Wardogs already shows some outside-the-box like that. Lay spike traps, oil traps. Greek fire, awesome.

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    Please no claws and no guns…
    +1 for the bastard sword especially but also for the other suggestions (maul is very nice too)

    Quarterstaff and reinforced Quarterstaff (for monk background)
    Repeating crossbow
    Viking sword (as a unique weapon, not a common one available in every weaponsmith)
    Military fork
    What about pavise shileds? I know it’s not a weapon but still… better melee and ranged protection but much more fatigue
    Slings and darts could be implemented for goblins

    Avatar photothorismund

    Yeah please no Claws and no Firepowder!!! (maybe scythe for poor farmer that didnt have time to pick up a wooden stick, but cmon ppl a scythe is not a weapon, its for cutting grass. next suggestion a spoon or what?)
    It would totaly destroy the feeling of the setting.

    Agree on:

    More Ranged variety: Slings, Longbows, Komposite Bows maybe even add different ammunition/with quivers, maybe just quality varietys that cost more ammo to replenish

    Quarterstaff, Poleaxe, 2H Hammer, Bastardsword

    Avatar photokjellstor

    Longbows would be great against armored opponents.

    Could offset their power with reduced accuracy (you needed a lot of training) + fatigue cost.

    Avatar photoBananenbaum

    BBs settings feels for me like warhammer .. dont really understand for fireweapons here, but hey.
    At least some new weapons would be great and thats the important point here :D

    Avatar photoscaryned

    RAY GUNS!!!

    Or maybe a spiked shield which gives similar benifits to the shield bash perk under the utilities skills (and can stack with the perk) but is super heavy and not any more protective than a round shield. Tier 3 or 2.


    Avatar photoscaryned



    Avatar photoZensalin


    Ok this is getting out of hand. ^^
    My full support for the bastard sword and the halberd! (Halberd is love, Halberd is live)
    But with the muskets and claws I agree that they would not fit into the game somehow. Maybe for goblins something like thorns for their hands if they have no more weapons.
    But the ranged variation could be done with things like a: Light Crossbow. 2 AP less to reload so you can travel one field more but less damage. Or a “real” Arbalest, which was heavier and thus could need a full round to reload and maybe travel one field but does extremely more damage through/against armor.
    For bows, different kinds of arrows. Bodkin arrows for more damage against/through armor. (A longbowman with bodkin arrows and no orc warrior will ever annoy you again.)
    A composite bow. (More penetration with less (fatigue) effort than the short and hunting bow.)
    The masterwork bow is the only one to look like a composite bow so far, if i remember right, but that’s not important right now.
    And the slings, like thorismund mentioned, would be great for early game and against non- or only light-armoured opponents. (Like bandit thugs or some goblins.)

    Avatar photoRusBear

    the main thing that we have a such system of perks and leveling of characters to be able to specialize in a certain type of weapons and the maximum use of its capabilities and features. Instead of a bunch of the same with the difference in accuracy or durability.

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