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    On one of my mission, the map sometimes went completely brown, not showing the elevations or anyting. The caracters within that brown goo where shown as little medals (like very small image of the goul inside a red medals). The switching between normal map and altered map come and go with my characters moving or taking an action.

    I will try to take a screenshoot if that happens again but wanted to know if it is a known bug ?

    Avatar photoNuka

    Here are the files needed

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    Hey Nuka,
    this does not sound like a bug, but as if your brothers have been standing on different elevation levels. If I am right, try fiddling with the arrows in the top right corner of the screen if this happens again. That’s how you can choose which level the game displays.

    Avatar photoRap

    Yeah, sounds like they’re standing on a higher elevation than the camera. Like Patrick said, you can adjust the height level of the camera using the buttons on the top right or – probably easier – using the + and – keys. You can also rotate the camera with the ctrl key in case some hill is blocking your view.

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    Avatar photoNuka

    Ah ok I see, my fault then ! Thanks very much and keep the good work :)

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