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    Context: 110 hours in, I realised that I’m not keen on doing another ‘full’ playthrough all the way to endgame on a version of the game that isn’t final.
    Proposal 1: Please tell us which parts of the game still need a lot of feedback. That way we can focus our attention to those parts of the game to playtest.

    a) My guess is that the PERKS system does NOT require feedback due to the upcoming perks overhaul which will invalidate whatever comments we make now anyway. We
    have very little information what direction the Perks overhaul will take so its difficult to give feedback on.

    b) There’s already some feedback coming in on faction influence decaying way too fast. I’m guessing that we’re cut out from more complex contracts with factions due to the influence decaying too fast, although you probably wanted feedback on the new contracts.


    Proposal 2: Since our end-game savegames are broken, provide us some save games at different points in the game so that folks who don’t want to do another full playthrough on a test build can still provide feedback on those parts of the game. Mid-game, end-game. Just edit in what you expect end-game to look like.


    I understand that you’re busy fixing bugs right now to make the game stable, and that is good. So I won’t sweat it if this query goes unnoticed and ignored.

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