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    today I decided to go back to Battle Brothers after a long break and, to my surprise, it isn’t working. It is the first time I tried playing with the new DLC installed and it just froze up for a while, then greeted me with a non responding black screen. I tried to verify game files, reinstall the data folder, reinstall the game completely, all to no avail. Launching the game with admin rights didn’t help, drivers are up to date. Never had any mods installed, and trying to play the game without the latest DLC also doesn’t work. Choosing configuration reset on launched at least changed something, now it’s a whitescreen, although the rest of this problem stays the same. It’s getting really frustrating, because BB is definitely one of my favourite games and I didn’t even get to play Blazing Deserts once after buying it.
    How do I resolve this?

    The last line in the log file is

    Screen ‘RootScreen’ successfully registered.

    It doesn’t seem like anything particular crashes. I’ve seen a similar thread on the forums, but it was many years old and I’d be shocked if the issue still persists.

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